This is the official home of Europe’s inofficial championship. Since 2013 we are organizing a yearly competition to find the best urban/street/cross.golfer in Europe. We – that’s the urban golf collective, a small team of passionate urban golfers, trying to gather other golfers across all borders to join our golf family.

In the past years we helped to organize the EUGC in Paris, Cologne, London and Amsterdam. We are supported by the local country teams being the current host, as we see ourself more like the helping hand, that keeps things together and assures that this unique tournament stays what it’s meant to be: a sportive competition of friends and family members that follow the same game spirit of urban golf – Play Anywhere.

"It's more than just a competition"

Every year since 2013, urban golfers from all over Europe come together to meet friends who love to hit balls. They have become a family ...

Team France - winner of the EUGC 2016

The team of France won the Eropean Urban Golf Cup in Amsterdam for the second time. With a narrow margin of 4 hits on the team score of germany they made it again and mastered their role of being the best European team.

Some Impressions

The best way to experience our lovely passion is to join us at our yearly event … but just to to give you a small appetizer …

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