EUGC in Prague 2017

The most important European urban golf tournament in EUCG will be held held on Saturday, September 16, at the Prague Holešovice Exhibition Center. For the fifth EUGC, Prague was selected after Paris, Cologne, London and Amsterdam. We assume that eleven national teams of max 12 players (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania and Denmark) will participate in the tournament.

On Saturday 16th September, the historical Prague Exhibition Center will be transformed into the main venue of the 5th European Urban Golf Cup. After Paris, Cologne, London and Amsterdam, Prague has been chosen to host the EUGC.

Visitors and viewers can also try urban golf at a public workshop. The sporting part of the tournament will end at about 6pm. During the event „Tiskárna na Vzduchu“ Summer Cultural Club, will be open to the players and the public, and the winners ceremony of will take place there around 7pm. From 8pm there will be a live band concert followed by a party with DJs that are open to the public for free. The expected end of the event is around midnight.

In 2013, the Czech team first participated in the EUGC in Cologne and since then urban golf has grown in the heart of Europe. Every year, several official urban golf tournaments are held in the Czech Republic, whith growing popularity. The DIY spell of this game attracts mainly urban adventurers who create a playground in places that a non-player would just simply pass.

Czech Association of Extreme Golf

In 2006, a group of friends from Prague and North Bohemia begins to organize the first cross-golf tournaments that are played in the wild, outside traditional courses.

Increasing interest in these events leads to the creation of extreme golf league. In 2009, the Czech Association for Extreme Golf (CAEG) was founded. The regulations, the game rules and the development of both junior and senior categories are maintained by this body.

Since 2013, we have regularly participated in the European Urban Golf Cup.

Urban golf in the Czech Republic is organized by the Czech Association for Extreme Golf (ČAEG), which holds golf tournaments outside the artificial courses.