Official tournament rules

  1. Safety first!
  2. Iron clubs, Putter and Hybrid golf clubs are permitted, no Woods and Drivers!
  3. The maximum stroke number depends on the hole. cf. roadbook
  4. Almostgolf balls only (provided by the host)
  5. You may use the following material to support your first drive: pocket greens, winter tees – NO wooden tees!
  6. Unplayable balls:a) If the ball is unplayable (i.e. no adequate swing possible – Referee and the flight have the decision), you may move your ball within the range of one golf club but not towards the target. No penalty stroke added.
    b) If the range of one golf club ain’t sufficiant, rule No. 7 has to be applied.
    c) If the ball can neither be played nor moved away from the target, rule No. 7 has to be applied.
  7. Lost ball:
    a) If you lose your ball, you have to drop a new ball at the approximate position of your last stroke (Referee decides on the position). 1 penalty stroke
    b) If there is a dropzone mentioned in the roadbook you may drop your ball there. 1 penalty stroke
  8. Each contact between the club and the ball counts as a stroke.
  9. Terra forming without excavator or caterpillar is permitted.
  10. A flag is not part of the target!
  11. Have fun and play fair!

In cases of ambiguity or discrepancies, the following instances decide (in the order given):
1. the flight
2. the referee and the flight marshall
3. the organization committee

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